The Snowy Scheme – Did It Make Australia a Nation?

Australians really do need to look at our drought policies and water consumption. We are all responsible for making good choices. Not just farmers.

Mel's Cup of Tea

Years ago, during my time at university, I studied a topic called Environmental Histories, and I learned about Australia’s Snowy Scheme. Recent news about the state and management of our Murray River has caused me to reflect on this learning. If you are anything like me (before I studied this topic), you may have heard of the Snowy River (mainly due to the show: ‘The Man From Snowy River’), and you may have heard mention of a thing called the Snowy Scheme, but don’t really know much more about it. Well, I will share my knowledge and thoughts on the subject, as after all, this internationally commended scheme supposedly made Australia a nation; it was our solution to the drought inflicted lands and struggling farmers.

Drought in Australia has been evident since European settlement. Despite this continuous pattern across the country, farming became a prominent industry. These extreme conditions were…

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