Why Vellum Rocks!

I self-published on KDP guys. It’s been a learning experience let me tell you… Firstly, I wasn’t using Scrivener… I know right! It’s like $50 USD, how do people not have this life changing software? I don’t know either but I dutifully typed my entire first draft of my twelve part novel series (in chronological order) using Word. DO NOT RECOMMEND! No wonder it took me a decade. Then, in addition to all that, I had tab spaces in my manuscript. So of course all of that mess got doubly indented when uploaded to KDP. Sigh. Then I didn’t use page breaks, we all know how that reads on a Kindle, lastly my embedded fonts didn’t exist in the Amazon software so the digital copy of my debut novel (The version enrolled in KU) and the copy that gets the most attention because it’s free to subscribers just looked beyond wrong!

Thankfully, I have a spare iMAC in my husbands office and he has agreed to buy me Vellum for my birthday. God I love him, he is the best and most supportive person any Indie Writer could ever have. I wish I could clone him for you guys. I also have Scrivener now and am using it to do developmental edits on the next eleven books in my Middle Grade series.

So, as a converted Vellum user here are all the reasons I want you guys to consider investing in your writing career also 🙂

  • Vellum costs $199.99 to create unlimited ebooks or $249.99 to create unlimited ebooks and paperbacks. That is a whole heap cheaper than paying a monthly subscription to Adobe InDesign  or paying someone to edit all your manuscripts in word or *insert groan here* Calibre.
  • The layout screen of Vellum is straightforward.
  • It has a tutorial!
  • It integrates well with any document you’ve already typed up and had edited in Word
  • Chapter organisation is often done automatically even if you hadn’t used page break formatting and including hyperlinks to next in series is effortless.
  • It has a million styles, okay maybe not a million but certainly a good amount and across a diverse range of genres.
  • You can add text as you go (if you find a misspelled word or missing comma.
  • Inserting ornamental breaks is another great facet of this software.
  • Great export capabilities
  • It automatically creates a print book to your specs WITHOUT re-uploading your file and formatting from scratch. Page numbers. Margins. Headers. Font. Line spacing. All of the setup that can take hours elsewhere happens automatically.

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